Baby Boo-Boo and Already a Resolution Fail!

Well this week was eventful!

My crazy, enthusiastic baby girl got so excited about walking and running that tripped and fell head first into the coffee table.  She cut her forehead and had to get 5 stitches!  Poor thing. I was on my way home from school with my phone on silent when it happened.  When I looked at my phone I saw 11 missed calls from Jason and knew something was wrong.  He likes to say that he wasn’t freaking out but he totally was.

2014-01-07 20.27.15

Once the bleeding was taken care of, she didn’t even seem to notice it because she is so tough!  She was actually more angry about having to sit still than about being hurt.  Jason said that he thinks she’s going to be an athlete since she gets hurt, gets back up, and wants to keep playing.

I’m really mean and I call her “Franken-baby” now….maybe I’m insensitive. She’s still the cutest though, so it’s ok!



In other news, my new years resolution of waking up at 5 am was a total bust!!  I tell Jason every night to kick me out of bed.  So in the morning when he follows through with his end of the deal, I get angry, whine about it, and then go sleep on the couch for another hour! The 5 am version of myself is 5 years old.

I did do it ONE day though. And there’s really only one way I’ll ever do it again.  I have to have my clothes ready to go the night before…


…my pre-workout drink and post-workout breakfast/coffee needs to be ready to go and calling my name…


…and I have to have some good reading material that I look forward to catching up on.


On Monday, all of these things lined up and I managed to get my lazy butt out of bed.  I’m always super proud and impressed with myself when I finish my workout.  I feel like such a big kid with my life together instead of the shambly mess that I really am.


And for some dental humor:

There is a tongue condition that is called “scrotal tongue.”  I’m not lying. (It’s not as gross as it sounds (unless you’re grossed out by the mouth in general, then it’s probably not your cup of tea)).

And to go with the scrotal tongue, we have special sanitation precautions that we use for the x-ray sensors…..


Interpret it as you will.


Ps. Jason and I did Insanity’s Plyometric Cardio workout last night and it almost killed me…and now I can’t move.


Making a Running Come Back

My road to recovery from my stress fractures seems never ending – mostly because it takes time and patience, two things that I don’t have a lot of! Hopefully by mapping out the specifics of every workout, every day, I can get back into the swing of things.  It’s going to be slow going at the beginning but if I’m going to do something, I might as well do it right. Without further ado, here is my:

January Work Out Schedule 

january workout

Don’t judge me. I already feel stupid having to only begin by alternating 2 minutes of running with 3 minutes of walking when 8 miles used to be a typical run for me. I think as runners we feel as if we have failed if we have to walk because we focus so hard to go farther, faster, and longer. Plus, I hate washing my hair so if I’m going to workout and get sweaty, I better REALLY be feeling the burn. But the sports med doc (aka my sister) says to stop complaining about my hair because this is going to be the best way to help strengthen my bones….I hate it when my big sis is right (she always is.)

My workout schedule says that I’m going to be doing “Insane Abs” which is part of the Insanity workout program. I used this whole program when I was training for my second marathon and I felt like the plyometrics used in the videos really helped boost my speed.  I might do some of the other workouts from this program on saturdays.

Or maybe instead of all this workout planning, I’ll just run after a busy toddler who got this bike-thingy for Christmas and is really, extra excited about it.

2013-12-25 09.12.05

I also need to start thinking about a half marathon to tackle in the fall!

What races are you running in 2014? 

Do you have an amazing fitness routine that I need to know about?

Healthy Eating Game Plan!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m gearing up to go out of town for a while, I use it as an excuse to eat everything in my home without getting food guilt.  Since we were just out of town for 10 days, the hubby and I had to go on a massive shopping spree for food and this is what we came home with:

2014-01-03 18.01.00

We have big plans to lose the holiday weight and then some – bring on the lean protein and veggies!  Jason’s favorite food is spaghetti and he has zero self control around it so we are just eliminating pasta from our life for now…sorry sweetie, no more endless pasta from Olive Garden!


My plan for healthy eating during a hectic school week is to prep a few meals on Sunday, let them marinade during the week, and throw them in the oven when I get home. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

As soon as we got home from the grocery store, I chopped up all the veggies and chicken. We just found out that Charlotte LOVES red and green bell peppers just like her mama! Jason doesn’t like them that much….too bad it’s 2 against 1.  He should just start getting used to it!

2014-01-03 18.50.09

Then I juiced some lemons and added some seasoning…

2014-01-03 19.04.03

Add it all together then ‘shake it like a polaroid picture’ and ta-da! the hard work is done!

2014-01-03 19.30.40

Throw it in a pan, and bake in the oven at 400 for 25 minutes. Its stupid easy, super healthy, and surprisingly yummy! (I realize the picture doesn’t make it look like anything fancy but I promise it was uber delicious! Jason even ate the peppers…this is a big deal.)

2014-01-04 21.02.13

Bonus:  Your baby might have so much fun helping you cook in the kitchen that she lays down and falls asleep on the living room floor without having to go through the nap-time routine.

2014-01-04 17.10.48

ps. Even though I’m trying my hardest to be super healthy, I still have the biggest sweet tooth in the world and I’ll be really grumpy if I don’t have something sweet every now and then so I have a really important question to ask: 

What are some of your yummy, go-to, healthy(ish) dessert recipes?

Do you have any good tips for eating healthy when you are pressed for time? 

New Year’s Resolution (a few days late)

I realize that it’s not January 1st anymore so maybe I’m a little bit behind on my new year’s resolution but I like to think it’s better late than never!

I resolve to get back in the groove of running.  It used to be such an integral part of my day that I wouldn’t miss for anything. When I was waiting to hear if I got into dental school, I ran twice a day to deal with the stress. I also know that little eyes are always watching so I want my daughter to grow up knowing how important it is to stay fit and healthy. Plus, I really love flashing my numbers if you know what I mean 😉


 What’s most difficult for me is starting slow so that I don’t re-injure my leg or my foot. I think so many people focus on strengthening muscles that they forget the importance of strengthening the bone that supports those muscles.  I made that mistake by running too far too soon after the birth of my daughter.  I ran a half marathon 4 months after delivering my baby and had only built up to running 5 miles.  My leg started hurting about 8 miles in and I ended up walking/running the rest of the race because I was too stubborn to quit.  Don’t be stubborn.  It’s just not smart and makes things worse in the end.  Needless to say, I have learned my lesson.

Fortunately my big sis is a sports medicine doctor and has given me some exercises to work on to get me back in tip top shape! It’s going to take patience and a running program that starts slowly with integrating running and walking so that I don’t stress out my bones again and let them rebuild. I need to find some good trail runs in Oklahoma (do those exist?) because I grew to love trail runs in Nashville – for me it’s less pressure to go super fast out and instead I get to enjoy being outside.


Here are some of my general fitness goals for while I’m in school.


Now I just need to make a training calendar because I am NOT disciplined without one.  I also need to find a fall half marathon so that I have a definitive goal to work towards. That will be my next project!

Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of my sweet baby loving on her first baby doll. Today she started feeding the doll its bottle and kissing it on the forehead.  Sometimes I can’t handle the cuteness.


Goodbye for now Utah! Hello Oklahoma!

Now that the holidays are over my little family and I flew back to Oklahoma.  The hubby and I both grew up in Utah so it’s hard to leave those mountains.

Fun fact: even though he grew up in Utah by the mountains, the hubby has never been skiing or snowboarding! He’s actually part Hawaiian so he doesn’t even know how to stand in snow without falling 😉  This picture was right before he proposed to me in snow shoes, on top of a water tower, on top of a mountain….we aren’t always the most traditional.Image

Ok ok, he can stay standing in the snow, but only if he’s holding onto me for support because I’m so big and strong…ha!  Image

Now for a brief holiday recap: We had an amazing time camping out at my parents cabin living  the life of luxury at my parents mountain lodge. There were 10 adults, 8 children (all under the age of 7) and 5 dogs staying in one home for the holidays. Can you say chaos?! I loved it!

(I love this picture because my parents look like they are so overwhelmed by the craziness!) Image

We all got matching pjs with butt flaps which we all looked super sexy in! Throw in a nerf gun war and you have some serious cool-factor happening. (He might kill me for posting this picture).


It was good to be around family after spending 10 days home alone studying for my dental board exam *cringe*  Dental students take their boards during their second year of school and it covers general anatomy, dental anatomy, physiology, embryology, biochemistry, microbiology, and pathology. The thing is a beast! My cat, Moo, thought that I should just quit studying and start napping.  Image

I’ll find out in a couple of weeks if I passed or not.  Send good vibes my way pretty please!

With the stress that the holidays can bring and the stress from my board exam, I was so happy to have this little girl to remind me to enjoy the magic of a little holiday cheer. She makes everything better 🙂


She was really excited to see Santa… and then she cried when she finally got to sit on his lap. Typical.

Now I’ve gotta go watch my Oklahoma Sooners whoop up on Alabama in the Sugar Bowl! <<Knock on wood>>


My first blog post!

Well hello there, blogger world! I’ve been a super secret blog stalker for a while now.  For some reason 2014 seemed like the right time for me to join the cool kids and start a blog of my own! 

It feels kinda awkward writing my first blog post…like a blind date or something…so I guess I’ll start by explaining my blog name! 

#1 “Mouthy” – ok yes, I can be a little bit of a spitfire at times, but mostly I just like getting all up in people’s mouths.  Get your mind out of the gutter –  I’m in dental school! 


We practice on scary looking machines called “Dexters”

Sometimes I have to let my clinic parter get all up in MY mouth…it can be terrifying.


Ok ok, this is actually just a cleaning (they don’t let us use drills on people for a while) and she’s pretty much so it’s fine!

#2 “Marathon” – I am addicted to marathons.  I’ve ran two full and countless half marathons, and a couple of Ragnar Relays. I haven’t run as much since I had my baby.  I got a stress fracture in my left leg and another one in my right foot.  I don’t recommend it. I hope this blog will keep me accountable for getting back into the swing of things! 


This is after the New Orleans Rock n’ Roll Marathon where I beat my 6’3″ husband by an hour and a half! I had hurt my foot so I still came in 30 min slower than I had hoped but it was a PR none the less! 4:11:47 Next time I go sub-4.

I thought it was hard running with a prego belly…



…but running with a baby in a jogger is way harder! So much respect to moms who do this all the time with multiple kids! 


sorry if you get a headache from this blurry picture!

#3 “Mom” – Well I suppose this is the easiest one to explain. I have a one year old little girl that is the cutest, spunkiest, most opinionated, smartest person I know! But I guess I could maybe be a little bit biased 😉


I know I know, she doesn’t look a thing like me.  It’s really rude! She got gorgeous tan skin and dark hair and eyes like her handsome dad.  


Ignore my crazy hair. Direct your attention to the cute baby and my handsome hubby 🙂

She just had her first birthday and I’m still not ok with the fact that she’s growing up so fast. That’s another reason I wanted to start this blog.  I want to be able to write down, photograph ,and video all the fun stages in her life so that I never forget or lose track of it.  


So there you have the story of my blog name, MouthyMarathonMom.  I like alliterations so the fact that all the words start with an “M” makes me really happy.  

How do I end a blog post? The end?? 

The End.  

Or maybe “The Beginning” is more appropriate. 

The Beginning.