New Year’s Resolution (a few days late)

I realize that it’s not January 1st anymore so maybe I’m a little bit behind on my new year’s resolution but I like to think it’s better late than never!

I resolve to get back in the groove of running.  It used to be such an integral part of my day that I wouldn’t miss for anything. When I was waiting to hear if I got into dental school, I ran twice a day to deal with the stress. I also know that little eyes are always watching so I want my daughter to grow up knowing how important it is to stay fit and healthy. Plus, I really love flashing my numbers if you know what I mean 😉


 What’s most difficult for me is starting slow so that I don’t re-injure my leg or my foot. I think so many people focus on strengthening muscles that they forget the importance of strengthening the bone that supports those muscles.  I made that mistake by running too far too soon after the birth of my daughter.  I ran a half marathon 4 months after delivering my baby and had only built up to running 5 miles.  My leg started hurting about 8 miles in and I ended up walking/running the rest of the race because I was too stubborn to quit.  Don’t be stubborn.  It’s just not smart and makes things worse in the end.  Needless to say, I have learned my lesson.

Fortunately my big sis is a sports medicine doctor and has given me some exercises to work on to get me back in tip top shape! It’s going to take patience and a running program that starts slowly with integrating running and walking so that I don’t stress out my bones again and let them rebuild. I need to find some good trail runs in Oklahoma (do those exist?) because I grew to love trail runs in Nashville – for me it’s less pressure to go super fast out and instead I get to enjoy being outside.


Here are some of my general fitness goals for while I’m in school.


Now I just need to make a training calendar because I am NOT disciplined without one.  I also need to find a fall half marathon so that I have a definitive goal to work towards. That will be my next project!

Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of my sweet baby loving on her first baby doll. Today she started feeding the doll its bottle and kissing it on the forehead.  Sometimes I can’t handle the cuteness.



7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution (a few days late)

    • Thank you!
      I’ve heard that if you can do something for 21 days then it becomes a habit so if we can just suck it up for 21 days and wake up early, hopefully it won’t be as hard for the rest of the year 🙂
      Keep me updated on how it works out for you!

      • Thank you! Follow my blog for lots of healthy recipes and running tips 🙂 I have a couple races scheduled this year that I cannot wait to share!

  1. I really want to get back to running, too! However right now it is FREEZING outside (like 5*), and I prefer to run outside vs. on a treadmill. My gym is also closed for renovations, so the treadmill isn’t even an option! I’m hoping to get started again in March… weather should be better and my gym will be open again! I’d also like to get up earlier a few days during the week to get an AM workout in rather than have to do it after work!

    • I definitely wouldn’t be running in 5* weather either! I loathe the treadmill but I made my hubby buy me one while I was pregnant so that I could easily take bathroom breaks haha (i’m spoiled), so now I HAVE to use it.

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