My first blog post!

Well hello there, blogger world! I’ve been a super secret blog stalker for a while now.  For some reason 2014 seemed like the right time for me to join the cool kids and start a blog of my own! 

It feels kinda awkward writing my first blog post…like a blind date or something…so I guess I’ll start by explaining my blog name! 

#1 “Mouthy” – ok yes, I can be a little bit of a spitfire at times, but mostly I just like getting all up in people’s mouths.  Get your mind out of the gutter –  I’m in dental school! 


We practice on scary looking machines called “Dexters”

Sometimes I have to let my clinic parter get all up in MY mouth…it can be terrifying.


Ok ok, this is actually just a cleaning (they don’t let us use drills on people for a while) and she’s pretty much so it’s fine!

#2 “Marathon” – I am addicted to marathons.  I’ve ran two full and countless half marathons, and a couple of Ragnar Relays. I haven’t run as much since I had my baby.  I got a stress fracture in my left leg and another one in my right foot.  I don’t recommend it. I hope this blog will keep me accountable for getting back into the swing of things! 


This is after the New Orleans Rock n’ Roll Marathon where I beat my 6’3″ husband by an hour and a half! I had hurt my foot so I still came in 30 min slower than I had hoped but it was a PR none the less! 4:11:47 Next time I go sub-4.

I thought it was hard running with a prego belly…



…but running with a baby in a jogger is way harder! So much respect to moms who do this all the time with multiple kids! 


sorry if you get a headache from this blurry picture!

#3 “Mom” – Well I suppose this is the easiest one to explain. I have a one year old little girl that is the cutest, spunkiest, most opinionated, smartest person I know! But I guess I could maybe be a little bit biased 😉


I know I know, she doesn’t look a thing like me.  It’s really rude! She got gorgeous tan skin and dark hair and eyes like her handsome dad.  


Ignore my crazy hair. Direct your attention to the cute baby and my handsome hubby 🙂

She just had her first birthday and I’m still not ok with the fact that she’s growing up so fast. That’s another reason I wanted to start this blog.  I want to be able to write down, photograph ,and video all the fun stages in her life so that I never forget or lose track of it.  


So there you have the story of my blog name, MouthyMarathonMom.  I like alliterations so the fact that all the words start with an “M” makes me really happy.  

How do I end a blog post? The end?? 

The End.  

Or maybe “The Beginning” is more appropriate. 

The Beginning.